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I am really excited to be writing today. I created my blog one year after I first conceived the idea of blogging. When I first began dreaming of having a blog, I had no idea that blogging was a trending activity,I simply knew I wanted to do it. To share my thoughts with people and reach out to as many people as i may not get to see face to face.  The conception came after reading AMERICANAH  by CHIMAMANDA ADICHIE. 

My friend said to me one day, ‘Flora shouldnt you start blogging already? and i replied,’I am not ready. That was the simple truth, i needed to start when I would have enough time to think and write and post.

With this topic in my head, this bible verse came to my mind; ECCL 3:1- ‘FOR TO EVERYTHING THERE IS A SEASON AND A TIME TO EVERY PURPOSE UNDER HEAVEN.(KJV) 

We have said to our siblings or friends or colleagues or spouses or just any we need to remind of this- there is time for everything. Will the repetition of this create any impact? if it does will it be positive or negative? We will find out later.

One of my very wonderful friends always reminded me that life is in phase and men are in sizes. I heard a preacher say one day in a message he was giving, he said’ these teenage boys who always shout AMEN whenever a preacher says you will buy a jeep,please, stop deceiving yourself. God cannot give you a jeep. Does this mean that God doesn’t love you enough to give you a jeep? No, it is because God knows it isn’t time for you to ride one.

I recently stared working in one very wonderful place in Lagos as an intern and believe me when i say its really wonderful here, friendly environment. The job suddenly changed my body system and its adaptation. I am nocturnal naturally, sleep late and wake early but everything changed, i sleep early now and wake super early too. There is a time to every purpose under heaven. Since we now know that for every event that occurs in our life there is a time set for it, don’t you think it is important that something has to be done while we wait for this time to come?

The norm is as we grow older we begin to envision a lot of things and then we have our bucket list. I want to get into the university, graduate with a first class, get a job,get married, raise kids,get rich, build this and that and added to the list is a strong determination to push through. It isn’t bad to have dreams, but the head spinning question is this- for each stage contained in every PHASE of life have you prepared yourself? You know that when your mom gave birth to you, you didn’t just start walking immediately, in fact before your first step, your feet wobbled every time you tried and you fell. That time when you stood and fell and wobbled was your preparation period.

You are a teenager and you know you have to go to secondary school, besides dreaming of what life in high school will be like, what else are you doing? Now you are in your twenties and your friends are getting married and you also want to get married,have you asked yourself if you are ready for this marriage too? We all admire successful men and women and want to be like them or better.

What are you doing now?

Dear friend,

Can you spend more time reading healthy things on the internet? take challenging quizzes to make you rack your brain?

Can you talk about more mind blowing things instead of celebrity gossip when you hang out with you friends?

Can you spend time meditating and thinking of what to do to make an impact in your generation?

Can you volunteer to help an organization to some work instead of gallivanting and wasting the little money you have now?

I became a Robert Kiyosaki fan and this an is a preacher of INVESTMENT. While you dream of investing money, learn also to invest your time. Read books( my slogan is read healthy), talk to knowledge filled people, write down your plans, attend conferences, go to meetings organised to have both fun and mind feeding talks. Does this mean that no fun simply because you want to become successful? NO.  Have fun but be wise about it. You may not know but rich people don’t waste time on frivolities.

So while you are dreaming of school, marriage, portfolio investments, empires and everything else, do one more thing , GET PREPARED FOR THAT LIFE.  Remember to everything in life there is a set time. So that you don’t feel like you just got into  this.

It was pretty nice sharing these thoughts with you. Till my next post, remember, i am your friend, EZEANI FLORA CHINENYE. If you have a story you will like to share, please send an email to or a direct message to me on facebook CHINEYEN EZEANI. 


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Olawale Ayodele

Reading this was worth the time. Investing one’s time can not be overemphasized. Also one must not be given to so much fun in order to go far in life.


Reading this was worth the time. Investing one’s time can not be overemphasized. Also one must not be given to si much fun in order to go far in life.


Nice piece


Lovely piece dear